the fish bowl


First off, how many of you out there are excited about creating a virtual scavenger hunt?  Just as I thought.  The idea of the online scavenger hunt doesn't seem that exciting.  That was my mind set before I actually used Trailfire.  To see my creation, Click Here.  This very simple application was actually fun to use, too.  I had to stop myself from adding more and more pages.  It was something that you can really get into and seemingly never get out of.  Despite the addictive properties, it is also a great teaching tool.  Being able to link web pages and even add "post-it" notes to the page itself is a great thing to have.  When using web pages in a lesson, Trailfire greatly simplifies the process of bringing up each of the pages.  Class projects, homework, and student research are all possibilities of this tool.  I could go on for quite some time about Trailfire, but I think that you can get a feel for it best by just playing with it.  Give it a shot. 

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