the fish bowl

"You Smell Like Christmas" - Charlyne Yi

Unlike the other videos I have posted, this one I did not find on my own.  My girlfriend posted this to my Facebook page a few days ago, and it is such a nice little song.  I had to share it.  Knowing that she passed it on to me made it even better for me.  I have watched it a several times since.  Enjoy.

"Memories" - Weezer

I realize, first off, that all of the other videos on this page are from Christian bands with meaning behind them.  With that being said, I still feel "Memories" by Weezer (from their album Hurley) is a catchy and fun song.  Yes, there are a few questionable lyrics to start the song, but it also makes you think about the days gone by. What will you reflect on and want to go back to?

"The Pig" - Showbread

Showbread, with their self-proclamed Raw Rock genre, deals with the dual natures and different ways of going about things with their new releases, Anorexia and Nervosa.  This song, "The Pig," is taken from Anorexia, and deals with this concept quite well, in my opinion.

"Agape" - For Today

"Agape" is the first single off of For Today's debut album Ekklesia released by Facedow Records.  This newcomer to the label has a lot in their heart to bring to the national scene.  So far, they are doing a great job of preaching God's love through metal.

"Malevolence" - A Plea For Purging

For those of you who have not met these guys, this video fits.  It's crazy, it's original, it's fun.  All it is missing is some burritoes and souther sweet tea.  Through intense guitars and relentless bass comes a great example of how greed can destroy someone's being and turn them into a monster.  Every song off of their album Depravity addresses a different issue, and they are all something that mankind needs to take action against.  Well done.

"Shiver" - A Plea For Purging

With The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, A Plea For Purging's second full-length album, considered a success by many, the band shot their second music video.  This time the guys in APFP got loyal fans to be in it.  Every person in the video not in the band is a fan who responded to the "casting call" sent out through the band's Facebook and Twitter pages. Despite the new video approach, APFP's message has not been compromised one bit.  They continue to proclaim the word of Jesus through their songs.