the fish bowl

Obviously, the fish bowl hasn't been updated with professional care.   I am OK with that.  However, I do think it is time for it to make a comeback... kind of like mullets, only cooler, much cooler.  This means that there may be a chance of more than one blog going up every year.  I will make no guarantees, but I will try.  It will really depend on how interesting my life will be over the next few months.  Only time will tell.  If you are reading this: Make my life more interesting or do something random to me which is blog-worthy; it would be greatly appreciated.  Who knows, maybe I will do a research project on the social aspects of the elusive "high-five" among college students.  Or possibly I will go on a hug crusade and recount my journey to hugging 100 different people.  Like I have said, only time will tell.  Maybe it will be great, but it may not.  Either way, I'll have a little bit of fun at the very least. 

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