the fish bowl


"Abilities for life."  This is the headline you will see if you visit the STAR Center's website.  Someone who has not visited this wonderful place will bever know the full extent of this truth.  The men and women of this center do everything they can to help individuals with physical or mental disabilities and give them life skills.  Looking at the building from the outside, there is nothing special about it.  However, you will be amazed when you go inside.  They have so many resources for so many people there.  What they are able to do under that roof boggles the mind.  To be honest, I almost couldn't belive just how many different disabilities that center treats, nor the age range.  A single blog is not enough to contain the limits of what I have learned just by taking an hour long tour of the facility.  Computer labs, music and art therapy centers, and job training centers combine to make up just the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much there.  They are not limited to those who can make it to their four walls either.  The STAR Center also has a mobile center that serves the surrounding West Tennessee area.  Please, check out the website in the link above, but remember that you can only learn so much from those projected words. 

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