the fish bowl

     Today is my first official day of Spring Break 2011.  I can honestly say that I do not have any extraordinary plans whatsoever.  In fact, all I have done so far is get a new license from the DMV.  At the other end of the spectrum, I also have my biggest plans today, too.  SIRG bout tonight.  Aside from watch girls with innuendo- and violence-based names hit each other while skating in an oval, my break is going to be pretty mellow.
     Still, I think that is probably for the best.  Life between classes is rushed and hectic in so many ways.  Being able to sit back and watch random movies or NCAA tournament games with my family is just what I need.  Whether I am camping in the living room with Savannah or going to get McFlurries with Amber, I am enjoying ever bit of life as it comes this week.  Pillow forts, literary theory in a hammock, and maybe a little pipe smoking will be glorious this week.  
     It has been really odd being away from home and my family these last 2 months.  Growing up isn't all that glorious after all.  Looking ahead, it is rather sobering to think of getting a job and staying in Jackson practically all year now.  Such is growing up and taking on more responsibility.  This gives me all the more reason to enjoy my time with my sisters, spoil them, and do everything in my power to protect them as well.  
    Time to play with Ninja Turtles and watch The Rocker.

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