the fish bowl

     Looking back at my last blog post, just over a month ago, I am surprised by how much that situation has changed.  The girl, who I though I had let slip away, is now my girlfriend, and I couldn't be happier with how the situation turned out.  
     I forced myself to resist altering that post or putting up a new one to convey the change because I wanted to remind myself how close I came to loosing her and how I won't take her for granted again.  As I have said, she is incredibly special to me, and I would give up so much for her.
     At this moment, I have roughly 4 days until I get to see her again.  Time cannot cooperate like I want it to.  I want the next few days to rush by so that I may be able to hold her in my arms as soon as I possibly can, but I also want time to slow to a crawl while she is in my embrace.  Time won't cooperate.  Which is why I have learned, partly with her help, to make the best of what time I do have, whether that be with her or even the time I have left in college.  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy.  My girlfriend and I have an ever-growing list of fun activities to do together this summer; right now, I believe, we have 35 items on the list.  While it does make me long for what is to come, I realize that every moment is short and has its highlights.  Why can't I enjoy every second?  I honestly don't know why I don't always, but I am trying to change that.  She is teaching me to enjoy every bit of life, even the waiting aspect of it.  In the process, I am becoming more thankful for the rough spots that help me become an individual.  
     This summer I will be returning home to once more work at the beloved Polar Whip, but I feel this summer will be much different and much better than that of last year.  Maybe it is the list, maybe it is my awesome girlfriend, maybe I am finally enjoying life. 


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