the fish bowl


When one thinks of presentations, one usually thinks of slide shows or even PowerPoint.  For me the same is true.  At least, it was.  A new media presentor has arisen, and its name is Animoto.  This is a Web 2.0 application and is web-based.  Like with most programs, there is a premium or a free package available.  The free version lets you make as many 30 second "mash-ups" as you would like.  Longer mash-ups would cost $3 a piece or $30 for a year of unlimited videos.  Either way, this is a great tool for educators to know about.  This is an easy application to use, though I am still working my way through it due to time constraints.  Audio can easily be incorprated into the visual presentation.  This ease of use and incorporation ability makes Animoto a great tool for student-created short presentations.  My ideas for application in English have included, but is not limited to, developing the main idea of a story with photos, make a visual essay, or even use it to compliment a research assignment.  All in all, this tool helps both teacher and student alike in similar ways.  To give it a go yourself, head over to their site and at least give the samples a watch.

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